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List of Billets
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Special Forces Billet Definitions

18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
ODA's organically have two Weapons Sergeants. These Weapons Sergeants are specialized in all heavy weapons, from heavy machine guns, to all kinds of unguided and guided shoulder fired rockets, and light mortars. The Weapons Sergeants are the technical and tactical experts on the employment of these weapons within the ODA.

18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant
The 18Cs are the SF soldiers who are specialized in both building things and breaking them down. They specialize both in the conventional engineer tasks of building FOBs and Camps, but also in the sapper tasks of route clearance, blow in place, and demolition of obstacles, enemy equipment, and other obstructions. In other words, 18Cs are SF Sappers.

18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant
18Ds are the medics of the ODA. They are responsible for the medical care of all the soldiers in the ODA, should they get injured or wounded. The 18Ds are the medical experts, and are capable of administering all kinds of medical care to the soldiers of the ODA in order to keep them alive and able to perform their mission

18E Special Forces Communication Sergeant
The SF Communications Sergeants are the radio operators and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers(JTAC) of the SF ODA. They specialize in all kinds of radio communication from CAS calls to insertions and extractions, as well as MEDEVAC if needed. They also double as signals specialists, and are capable of communicating via smoke signal and other alternate communication methods if needed.

18F Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant(Not entry-level, here for info only)
The 18F is the bridge between the S-2 Intelligence staff section and the ODA commander. The 18Fs job is to learn all there is to know about the area the ODA is operating in, and learn as much as there is to learn about the people, their culture, religion, and government as there is to learn. The 18F is then to take this knowledge and apply it in the field when advising the commander on in-the-field decisions, so that he can make his decision with the local presence in mind. The 18F also works closely with the S-2 shop to relay any intelligence found by the ODA so as to keep the S-2 well informed. Lastly, the 18F specializes in dealing with civilians and EPW interrogation while no SOT-A is around, and when a SOT-A is around, is a direct supervisor to the SOT-A.

Non-SF Billet Definitions

153A Rotary Wing Aviator
The 153A, Rotary Wing Aviator, is a US Army Warrant Officer MOS. These pilots are trained to fly all kinds of aircraft, such as the UH-60 Blackhawk, CH-47 Chinook, and variants of the H-6 Little Bird. These pilots are to train to be experts at flying all of these aircraft, so they can excellently provide support to the ODA on the ground whenever they are called for.

The attached SOT-A is a 35M, a Human Intelligence Collector. They are expected to be one of the top 35Ms, and as such are given the privilege of being attached to an SF ODA. Their primary job is to attach to their ODA and gather HUMINT while working with that ODA in their Area of Operations(AO). They are the specialists in civilian interaction, GREENFOR interaction, and EPW interrogation. This attached SOT-A is to go through all the relevant training their ODA goes through, and as such is capable of deploying with their ODA.

A list of open billets can be found HERE
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